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A giving app that is built for all sizes of churches

You can start today, Giveth is the quickest way to have an online presence for your church. So that your members know that their church is never far

Easy to Give

With a secure payment processing system and variety of payment options. Giveth is the easiest way to give.

Weekly Payouts

By default you will be set up for weekly deposits. You could also choose to have monthly payouts.

Simple Reports

Churches will be able to view transactions or deposit reporting that includes all the info needed to manage the finances.

Transparent Fee

Payment gateway charges and service charges if any could be adjusted along with the gift money so that you have peace of mind.

Introducing the Giveth App

Keep in touch with your members and neighbourhood churches every day.


Give directly to your church no matter how big or how small.Just a click.


Share your church events with your family & friends. Find events from other churches in the city.


Want to support an event by donating? You could easily give To any other church that is on Giveth.

The best church networking app in the world.

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